UK high court to review arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The high court in Britain has given the green light for a legal review of the country’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid widespread civilian deaths in Yemen.

The judicial review will decide whether the weapons sold to Saudi Arabia breach British and European weapons export laws.

Leigh Day solicitors, on behalf of the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), called on the UK government to suspend all current export licenses to Saudi Arabia and reject all the new ones because there was a significant chance of any weapons sold there being used for human rights abuses in Yemen.

“We certainly welcome that this judicial review will give these arms sales the full scrutiny it deserves,” CAAT spokesman Andrew Smith told the Guardian

“These arms sales should have never been approved in the first place: Saudi Arabia has an abhorrent human rights record and it has created a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen,” Smith said.

British sales of weapons to Saudi Arabia…

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