UK family found guilty of enslaving homeless, disabled people

A UK court has convicted a British family-gang for a series of modern slavery offenses.

Eleven members of the Rooney family in Lincoln were convicted of fraud and slavery in four trials for forcing 18 victims to work for little or no pay and live in squalid conditions for up to 26 years, the Guardian reported on Friday.

The report came a day after the National Crime Agency (NCA) said modern slavery and human trafficking was far more prevalent than previously thought, with potentially tens of thousands of victims in the UK.

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Modern slavery in UK more prevalent than previously thought: Report

The members of the Rooney family targeted vulnerable people, including some with alcohol or drug addiction, and deliberately looked for potential captives on the streets, Nottingham crown court heard.

The impact of the forced labor on the mental and physical health of the victims had been severe, prosecutors said, with some being malnourished,…

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