UAW and Ford silent as anger simmers in wake of injury at Flat Rock Assembly


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UAW and Ford silent as anger simmers in wake of injury at Flat Rock Assembly

Shannon Jones

8 May 2018

Corporate and United Auto Worker (UAW) officials are withholding details of the tragic accident early Friday morning at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant south of Detroit that sparked a walkout by production workers.

An as-yet unidentified female worker on the second shift suffered a leg injury while on the assembly line. When management tried to restart production, workers rebelled and instead walked out of the plant.

Flat Rock Assembly workers told the World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter that management and the UAW have told them nothing since the accident, not even the name or the condition of the worker involved. Ford did not respond to inquiries from the Autoworker Newsletter.

An Autoworker Newsletter reporting team visited Flat Rock Assembly Monday afternoon. Workers described a brutal management regime in the plant, enforced with the assistance of UAW officials, who act as junior foremen.

“The union never tells us anything,” was a common refrain.

Several workers told reporters that they had already read the report of the accident posted on the Autoworker Newsletter Facebook page. “They are not talking about it,” one veteran worker said. “On night shift they say keep it running at all cost. You see something wrong…‘keep it running.’”

Referring to the injured worker, he reported, “I heard that on her situation the guy that was with her didn’t know to pull the red cord to stop the line. Another worker knew to stop it, otherwise it would have been much worse.”

He continued, “They stress out the TPTs [Temporary Part Time workers]. I worked seven years as a…

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