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Oh, to have a dollar for every time one hears the word “polarized”. The image that comes to mind when I hear “polarized” are two groups of people on opposite poles of the Earth, frozen into their diametrically opposed views. We have not always been this polarized and perhaps a better image is one of two groups of people migrating to opposite poles like chromosomes undergoing Mitosis. It is hard to argue that this polarization does not exist, the big question today is whether our society is going to violently split or whether unlike cell division we will once again move back toward a common nucleus of reality.

Regardless of what happens next, polarization is so severe that it seems as if people are watching two different movies and then trying to discuss with one another the plot twists and turns. One audience is watching a movie being projected by the corporate, mainstream media and the other group one displayed by the “alternative media”. One group subscribes to a view of history taught in public schools and the other has a revisionist view that is based on a whole different set of sources and facts. These movies create our reality around us and the fact that we’re watching different ones is in great part the reason for the sense of division many of us are feeling.

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This division manifests itself in many topics, but one of the most critical is the segregation between those that are watching the Russian Collusion movie versus the group that is watching the movie about the downfall of the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons, and the Obama DOJ and FBI. There are two key protagonists in those movies, Mueller playing the role…

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