Tucker Warns Post 9/11 Attacks On Freedom Happening Again With Attacks On Free Speech

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
August 17, 2017

Tucker Carlson warned on his show Wednesday night that the post September 11th attacks on freedom are happening again with tech companies like Google silencing websites like The Daily Stormer over their speech.

“The shock from what happened in Charlottesville over the weekend is still ringing in the air like a gunshot,” Tucker said. “People on every side recognize it was awful because it was awful absolutely and completely.

“The only thing that could make what happened in Charlottesville worse would be if we allowed a small number of people in power to make America less tolerant and less free in its aftermath,” he said.

“Let’s be honest we’ve seen that before, it happened after 9/11 almost nobody wanted to say so at the time for fear of seeming sympathetic to terrorists, but it did,” Tucker said. “Secret lists, massive government spying on citizens, the feds rooting around in people’s bank accounts for no good reason.”

“We allowed all of that to happen because we were upset and afraid,” he said.

Tucker continued: “Well, this morning there were signs it could be happening again. The Wall Street Journal reported that big tech companies are using their power to silence certain political views. Both Google and web hosting service GoDaddy stopped providing hosting support for The Daily Stormer, it’s a white supremacist website. Meanwhile, the hotel website Airbnb announced it will permanently ban white supremacists from using its service to book rooms. PayPal says it won’t let white supremacist groups use its payment platform. Now, nobody on the show is weeping for The Daily Stormer, even mentioning their name probably just got us written up by the Southern Poverty Law Center as ‘dangerous alt-right subversives’ or something, we don’t care. There’s a principle at stake here and it’s worth…

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