Trump’s Pick for CIA Director Was “Gleeful” About Torture

“Trump’s appointing people around him who actually still think the Iraq war was a good idea”

Steve Watson
March 16, 2018

Senator Rand Paul has registered his opposition to President Trump’s nomination for new Director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, whom Paul notes actively participated in torture programs under the Bush Administration and enjoyed it.

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday, Paul said that the nomination of Haspel is “the wrong kind of message to send to the world”:

“She believes that waterboarding should be something that we use, and I think America shouldn’t be known for torture,” Paul urged.

When challenged by Fox anchor Harris Faulkner, Paul noted that in the past Haspel had acted “basically gleeful” at the prospect of enemy combatants being tortured and that she seemed to “enjoy” the interrogations.

“We should not reward somebody who actually participated in torture treatment,” Paul exclaimed.

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The Senator also warned that neocon war-hawks are still circling Trump, and finding their way into his administration.

“Trump’s appointing people around him who actually still think the Iraq war was a good idea and actually think we should have a new war with Iran.” Paul warned.

In an op-ed piece, Paul further clarifies his position, saying that he is against Haspel’s appointment as well as the appointments of Mike Pompeo at The State Department and John Bolton at the NSA.

“We’re not simply talking about a run-of-the-mill CIA agent here. Haspel was someone in a position of power who presided over practices that epitomized the abuse of that power.” Paul notes.

“Even worse, as scrutiny of the CIA’s actions intensified, Haspel was directly involved in the destruction of videos documenting the torture.” Paul adds, noting that “this alone should be instantly disqualifying.”

Paul warns that Pompeo…

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