Trump Supporters Are ‘Couch Potato Anarchists,’ ‘Radicals’

August 20, 2018

Former Fox News military analyst Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday morning to recite a laundry list of leftwing talking points against President Trump. During his interview with Brian Stelter, the nascent Trump derangement sufferer dubbed Fox News “prostitutes” guilty of “assaulting the constitution,” declared that President Trump was “enthralled to Vladimir Putin,” and spitefully smeared Trump supporters as “couch-potato anarchists.”

Peters began the conversation with the self-congratulatory remark that “we all have to do our part to end these dreadful, dreadful days in Washington.”

“What is the most dreadful part about it for you?” Stelter inquired. Peters responded by smearing Trump as “an un-American President who really doesn’t seem to like America very much,” and who “appears to be enthralled to a foreign power — a hostile foreign power.”

Stelter then steered the conversation towards Fox News, reminiscing that Peters had previously called them “a destructive propaganda machine” upon resigning from the network. “Are they partly at fault for propping up Trump?” the CNN host inquired.

“Of course,” came the reply: “Fox isn’t immoral, it’s amoral. It was opportunistic… People that only listen to Fox have an utterly skewed view of reality.”

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This article was posted: Monday, August 20, 2018 at 7:18 am

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