Trump: Russian Conspiracy Is A “Big Dem Scam And Excuse For Losing The Election”

POTUS asks ‘If Collusion Took Place, Why Didn’t Obama Stop It?’

Steve Watson
June 22, 2017

The President once again addressed conspiracy theories about Russian interference in the US election that are STILL being pushed by the Liberal mainstream media by asking a simple question… ‘if it’s true why didn’t Obama stop it?’

Trump took to Twitter Thursday and sent out the following message:

It’s a valid question, given that the main crux of the theory stems from surveillance on foreign officials conducted by the intelligence community under the former President.

Trump’s campaign officials were allegedly unmasked in analysis of the ‘wiretapping’ by, among others, former Attorney General Susan Rice.

So the official line, if you believe that Russian collusion did happen (no evidence has been made public) is that the Obama administration had knowledge of what was going on.

Trump sent out the tweet after commenting on congressional testimony from former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who told the House Intelligence Committee that he does not have any evidence to back up the collusion theory.

“Not beyond what has been out there open-source, and not beyond anything that I’m sure this committee has already seen and heard before, directly from the intelligence community,” Johnson said.

“So anything I’d have on that is derivative of what the intelligence community has — and the law enforcement community.” he added.

Trump later brought up the fact that the…

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