Trump 'responsible' to his company, family to evade tax: White House

The White House says President Donald Trump made “responsible” choices to pay less taxes to the US government.

Trump was committed “to his company, his family and his employees” to pay the least possible amount of tax to the US government, the White House said on Tuesday as it published forms that showed Trump’s tax statements in 2005.

The year 2005 was a good year for Trump’s business. Before that, he had been exempted from tax for 18 years due to huge losses in his companies. 

Even in 2005, despite reporting an income of $150 million, he reduced his federal taxes by tens of millions of dollars and paid only $38 million in federal income taxes, according to US media.

Until now, Trump had refused to disclose his annual tax statements, and his revenues and tax payments were largely a secret.

The rare disclosure of tax return came after TV host Rachel Maddow said she would air the president’s tax forms on her MSNBC show.

Public deception

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