Trump Proves He does not Differ from the Bush-Obama War on Muslims

Former Ronald Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts continues to take aim at the Left. Why this time? Apparently Roberts supports Trump’s ban on Muslims (a ban on people from seven countries, all Muslim majority countries).

“The mindlessness is unbearable,” writes Roberts of the Left’s protesting the selective ban on refugees and migrants.

Roberts argues,

Clearly America’s wars on Muslims wreck far more lives than Trump’s ban on immigrants. Why the focus on an immigration ban and not on wars that produce refugees? Is it because Obama is responsible for war and Trump for the ban? Is the liberal/progressive/left projecting Obama’s monstrous crimes onto Trump? Is it that we must hate Trump and not Obama?

Roberts asks questions as if the answer is only one-or-the-other. Many leftists (anarchists, socialists, Communists among them) would distance themselves from much of what liberals profess. One should not view liberals as composing a Left monolith anymore than Nazis should be viewed as representing a monolithic Right. The Democratic Party is not a left party. So Democratic supporters of Obama are not considered leftist in any meaningful sense by this writer. Nonetheless, there were plenty of people from the Left who did oppose Obama and his wars. Those who did not oppose Obama and his wars are, at best, pseudo-leftists.

Left and Right is an oversimplification. People ought to regard all wrinkles of the political spectrum and the politicians…

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