Trump is a ‘change candidate,’ talented in connecting with people, Obama says


US President Barack Obama hails President-elect Donald Trump over being a “change candidate,” asserting that he has a thing for “making a connection.”

The lame duck president made the comments in his final interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” late on Sunday.

The interview was conducted as the future president was preparing to take over the White House on January 20 after his electoral victory despite having nearly three million votes than his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Pressured to say how the situation can change, Obama responded, “I think the American people can change Washington,” adding, “But I think that it is not going to change, because somebody from on high directs that change.”

He asserted that US Congressmen are “motivated by all kinds of issues,” suggesting that reelection is on top of their agenda.

“They’re sincerely interested in the economy, in terrorism, in social issues,” he said. “But the one overriding thing they’re…

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