Trump insulting US allies while ‘embracing autocratic thugs’: Scarborough

Former US Congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has slammed President Donald Trump, saying he is insulting America’s traditional allies while “embracing autocratic thugs.”

Scarborough, a former Republican lawmaker from Florida, announced last week that he was ending his association with the party. In an article published by The Washington Post on Sunday night, he called the GOP “a dying party I can no longer defend.”

He added that Republicans who are working with the president are “making the majority of Americans regret” voting for the party.

“The political movement that once stood athwart history resisting bloated government and military adventurism has been reduced to an amalgam of talk-radio resentments,” Scarborough wrote. “President Trump’s Republicans have devolved into a party without a cause, dominated by a leader hopelessly ill-informed about the basics of conservatism, US history and the…

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