Trump files suit to stop vote recount in Michigan

US President-elect Donald Trump has lodged a lawsuit to prevent an election recount in Michigan scheduled to begin next week.

The move on Friday comes after Republican Trump’s allies have begun to freeze recount efforts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the states where he narrowly beat his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The supporters of the business mogul seek to preserve the legitimacy of Trump’s win after Green Party nominee Jill Stein requested a recount in Wisconsin.

Trump’s lawyers said in the lawsuit that Stein wanted the state to “expend tens of millions of dollars on a wild goose chase that even Stein cannot identify.”

A pro-Trump super PAC in Wisconsin lodged a suit Friday, arguing that Stein’s recount push could “unjustifiably cast doubt upon the legitimacy of President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s victory.”

Recounting of Wisconsin’s about 3 million votes for president began on Thursday. Wisconsin’s 10 electoral…

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