‘Trump Doesn’t See Black People As Fully Human’

“There’s always some subtle suggestion that black people need to catch up”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
February 26, 2019

Abandoning any pretence of being an impartial news broadcaster, a CNN panelist on Monday declared that President Trump does not see black people as “fully human.”

The panel was discussing Trump’s response to director Spike Lee’s comments at the Oscars.

Lee referred to Trump’s presidency as ‘immoral’ and ‘hateful’ during an acceptance speech for the BlacKkKlansman movie, prompting the President to fire back on Twitter, labeling Lee as ‘racist.’

CNN analyst Kierna Mayo, the former editor-in-chief of Ebony Magazine, made the comments about Trump during a discussion with Don Lemon and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

“This is a president who knows he’s on the wrong side of history. So you’ve hit the dog. In other words, he’s barking because he knows that he exemplifies all that Spike and his courageous film are really standing against.” Mayo declared.

Lemon asked if Trump really “believes he’s somehow solved racism and this is the best time ever for African-Americans,” prompting Mayo to make the scathing remark.

“I don’t even think he really — this may be out there. But I don’t really think the president sees black people as fully human.” she replied.

She added “I don’t think he sees us as having agency, intelligence, as noted by his comment about  Spike, you know he wishes he could read,” referring to Trump’s dig at Lee for seemingly not being able to read his own notes during the…

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