Trump delivers electrifying speech in Arizona, outlines ten-point plan for immigration reform

On Wednesday night, Trump appeared in Arizona to deliver a rousing speech on immigration. Due to a number of ambiguous comments made in recent weeks, the real estate mogul turned presidential candidate found himself facing accusations of softening his position on this controversial issue. However, Trump’s speech revealed that he remains adamant in his support for deportation and a border wall; he was also very explicit in his refusal of amnesty.

Trump began by discussing his trip – concluded earlier that day – to Mexico, during which he discussed with Mexican President Pieto salient issues such as illegal immigration, drug cartels, and the wall. In a rather skillful display of nationalistic rhetoric, Trump told us that he was able to find common ground with Pieto through the acknowledgement that both men love their respective countries and only want to see them prosper.

Trump also framed illegal immigration as an issue that hurt both countries, despite the fact that Mexico actually benefits immensely from the current setup by gaining billions of dollars in remittances every year. Nevertheless, framing the issue in this light – coupled with Pieto’s apparent acquiescence – created the impression that Trump’s plan to build a border wall and deport millions of illegal Mexicans would be done in cooperation with Mexico.

Prior to outlining his ten-point plan, Trump discussed a number of immigration-related talking…

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