Trump administration congratulates “re-election” of police-state regime in Honduras


Trump administration congratulates “re-election” of police-state regime in Honduras

Andrea Lobo

23 December 2017

The US State Department on Friday officially backed the fraudulent re-election of Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández, following the end of the five-day period provided by Honduran law for complaints after Sunday’s final announcement by the electoral tribunal (TSE).

This comes after a personal visit of the Alliance of Opposition against Dictatorship candidate, Salvador Nasralla, to present evidence of the fraud to the Organization of American States (OAS) and US State Department. The latter declared on Wednesday that it had not “seen anything that alters the final result.”

The US now joins the governments of Mexico, Guatemala, Spain and Colombia in congratulating Hernández and effectively disregarding the widespread evidence of fraud as well as the conclusion by the Organization of American States of an “impossibility of determining a winner.”

OAS observers and analysts reported unauthorized manipulations of ballot boxes transported by the military before being computed, vote-buying, an absence of Alliance representatives at some centers, “deliberate human intrusions in the computer system,” and finally, an inexplicable shift in the results from a five point lead by Nasralla with two-thirds of the ballots computed to a final 1.5 point victory for Hernández. Much of the evidence aligns with the methods of fraud planned by the ruling National Party and exposed in an audio reported by the Economist one day before the November 26 polling.

The Opposition Alliance has presented evidence of some tally sheets in the TSE partial “special scrutiny” lot that were re-printed with different results. It has also suggested that the main fraud…

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