Trump admin vows to prevent Beijing's island building in South China Sea


The administration of new US President Donald Trump has stepped up war of words with China over the South China Sea and Beijing’s trade policies, drawing a rocky future for Sino-American ties.

In his first daily briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that Washington was going to stop Beijing’s “island building” in the South China Sea.

The US has long accused China of undertaking a land reclamation program in the disputed waters through making artificial islands.

“It’s a question of if those islands are in fact in international waters and not part of China proper, then yeah, we’re going to make sure that we defend international territories from being taken over by one country,” Spicer said.

 “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops and, second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed,” he added.

US President Donald Trump speaks during a…

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  • righteous

    If we start closing chinese arsenic-toy warehouses , china will go back to farming rats.

  • Tim Hadfield

    Wrong move.

  • HS61AF91

    I think the good White House Press Secretary was a little phrase weary.. of course we do not defend international territories, (whatever that might have meant), we defend our and treaty obligated territories. Don’t believe those remanufactured islands fall within that scope. Just don’t start sinking ships out there in the South China Sea, anyone. That would start a conflict. With transportation innovations threatening to make sea commerce less essential, who is going to be left to worry about a ‘horse-drawn’ sea route, when ‘motor powered’ advanced transport methods render sea cargo less vital, in a golden future for our world.

  • Macka

    Big mistake Mr Trump.. HUGE! You are starting to disappoint me!

  • kinky

    My ‘I told you so’ moment.

  • kinky

    This orangutan has a forked tongue like a snake. On one hand he says nations should be free to pursue their goals and on the other he is meddling with them.

  • “Washington was going to stop Beijing’s “island building” in the South China Sea.”

    That’s ok. China has built all they intended to build already.

  • Brother Nature

    Whelp, if your children will be sent to the front-line infantry first, enjoy — send us a post card, and…we ain’t paying for the conflict with China, nooooo way! Leave We The People out of a conflict with China! Let China be China and the US be the US. My suggestion: If a nation wants to do commerce with the US they must adopt the Delectation of Independence, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, avoid all this drama.

    Mr. President, war is over. Mutual mass destruction makes conventional war obsolete. And yes, we’ve heard all the excuses for war.

    We’re doing a hemp economy, not a war economy.

    We The People have spoken. Get crackin’ or the economy is DOA — end the fed, lift the hemp prohibition, bring Israel to justice for 9/11 and Agenda 21, otherwise, zero trust in government.

  • Sink Chicken

    It’s called the “South CHINA sea” Why is it any of the USA’s business what China does there?