Trump accuses Clinton of raising 'blood money'

Presumptive US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has denounced his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s fundraising efforts, accusing her of raising “blood money.”

Trump on Wednesday dismissed claims that his presidential bid is in hot waters because his fundraising efforts are lagging so far behind Clinton’s, saying that the former secretary of state is making promises to donors in order to gain mega contributions.

 “You know when she raises this money, every time she raises money, she’s making deals,” Trump said. “They’re saying, ‘Could I be the ambassador to this, can I do that, make sure my business is being taken care of.’ I mean, give me a break.”

“All of the money that she’s raising, that’s blood money,” the New York billionaire stated.

Clinton is known to have strong connections with corporations, Wall Street and the US military–industrial complex. Some analysts say if Clinton gets elected president of the…

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