Tory MP who quit over Brexit claims May’s spin doctor is out to destroy cross-party compromise — RT UK News

PM Theresa May’s key special adviser in her inner circle is a “hard Brexiter” who wants to “destroy” her plans to find a cross-party compromise on Brexit, claims a former Conservative MP who recently resigned from the party.

Nick Boles, who shocked fellow British lawmakers earlier this week by quitting the Tory Party in parliament after a series of indicative votes failed to break the Brexit impasse, made the accusations via Twitter.

In his tweets, which have gone viral, he slammed Robbie Gibb, the PM’s communications chief, arguing that it was time for the media to be honest about the former BBC editor’s views and motivations on Brexit. Boles urged May to tighten the leash on Gibb or else send him back to his previous employer.

…Gibb is a hard Brexiter who wants to destroy the PM’s new search for a cross-party compromise. The media should be honest about the briefings they receive from that quarter. And the prime minister would do well to tell Mr Gibb to get back in his box – or go back to the BBC.

Some on Twitter have alluded to the fact Gibb had previously been in charge of a number of the BBC’s political shows, suggesting that it [his alleged hard Brexiter position] “explains everything.”

Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent and Assistant Editor at The Daily Telegraph, leapt to the defense of the ex-BBC man, insisting that it was unfair for Boles to make such accusations when he is unable to defend himself.

Steven Woolfe, the Independent MEP and former UKIP politician branded Boles “a remain extremist posing as a compromiser,” and claimed he was an “arrogant snob.”

It comes after May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn opened talks over a compromise Brexit deal on Tuesday.

Corbyn on Wednesday said “constructive” talks and “exploratory discussions” had been held with May in the hopes of breaking the Brexit deadlock that has been plaguing the country for months. A spokesperson for Downing Street said both sides showed “flexibility” during the discussions.

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