Tory donor hits out at 'hopeless' PM Theresa May; recommends change

An influential British Tory has described Prime Minister Theresa May as “hopeless” and “very indecisive”, recommending Britain would be much better off if her “weak” and “stupid” government ceased to exist.

In The Times article published on Saturday, Lord Harris of Peckham accused May of alienating businesses and mishandling Britain’s exit from the European Union, commonly referred to as Brexit.

Lord Harris criticized May’s “shell-shocked” general election performance, in which the Tories lost their House of Commons’ majority.

A combination of pictures shows Britain’s Tory PM Theresa May (R) and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. (Photo by AFP)

The donor’s censure of May comes amid speculation about her future as Tory leader.

“I’d much rather have a strong Labour government than a weak Conservative one and I’m a Conservative through and through,” he suggested, expressing the extent of his opposition to May and the deep division…

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