Top Democrats call for Mueller to testify over his report — RT USA News

Unhappy with the way the White House is rolling out the redacted version of the special counsel’s report to the public, leaders of the Democratic Party want Robert Mueller to testify before Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer issued their statement ahead of the planned press conference by Attorney General William Barr and the publication of the redacted report on the probe into alleged collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign and Russia.

The probe, which lasted for almost two years, came to the conclusion that there was no collusion, delivering a severe blow to the ‘Russiagate’ narrative pushed by the president’s opponents.

Democrats were unhappy with the summary of the report delivered by Barr at the end of March. They have also criticized the decision to roll out the 400-page report with a press conference first as an attempt to control the narrative. The Department of Justice usually holds a media conference before releasing the results of major investigations. But this time, several House Democratic committee chairs demanded that Barr cancel the “unnecessary and inappropriate” presser planned for 9:30am on Thursday.

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