Tim Cast pulls out of Milwaukee: 'For those who are perceivably White, it is just not safe to be here'

A well-known journalist who frequently covers civil unrest across the country has decided to leave Milwaukee because of “racial tensions” that he observed while covering protests on Sunday night.

“For those who are perceivably white, it is just not safe to be here,” Tim Pool said in a YouTube video on Monday.

Protests in Milwaukee first erupted over the weekend, after a police officer fatally shot an armed black man on Saturday.

Pool is among several journalists covering the uprising to express concern for his safety over the weekend after the protests turned violent.

He said during Sunday’s protests that he heard members of the crowd yell comments such as “F— white people” and “What are these white people doing here?” and observed one reporter being grabbed and another being hit in the head by a protester who then attempted to incite others to attack the reporters.

#BlackLivesMatter rioters target whites: “They beating up all the white people.” #Milwaukee pic.twitter.com/G85jnYtd3k

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) August 14, 2016

Pool, who previously worked for Fusion, gained prominence in recent years for covering protests such as Occupy Wall Street in 2011 and Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014 using aerial drones and live streaming.

He said in the video that his decision to pull out was finalized when he witnessed the aftermath of a white 18-year-old being shot in the neck during the protests.

Milwaukee police have confirmed that an 18-year-old man sustained a…

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