Theresa May’s call for early election ‘cheap opportunism’: Analyst

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for an early general election was a display of “cheap opportunism” to defeat the Labour Party and win an absolute majority for her government, says a British academic.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare made the remarks on Wednesday, after the UK Parliament voted in favor of May’s proposal for snap elections a day earlier.

Lawmakers in the House of Commons voted 522 to 13 on Wednesday to support the motion put forward by May a day earlier.

The election will be held on June 8, nearly a year after 52 percent of Britons voted to leave the European Union (EU). The current Parliament will dissolve on June 3.

May’s call for an early election came after firm assurances that she would not seek a new election before 2020. She had resisted calls for an early election from within her own party for months.

On Tuesday, she said she would seek a “snap” election less than halfway through her government’s five-year term, with the goal…

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