Theresa May invites Jeremy Corbyn to No. 10 for crisis talks on Brexit (WATCH LIVE) — RT UK News

British Prime Minister Theresa May has invited parliamentary party leaders, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, to meet with her on Wednesday evening after surviving a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons.

May had earlier taken heat for sidelining Corbyn from cross-party Brexit talks, but after the vote on Wednesday evening, the prime minister said she stands “ready to work with any member of this House to deliver on Brexit.”

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“We have a responsibility to identify a way forward that can secure the backing of the House,” she said, adding that she wanted the meetings to begin immediately.

May said her government would approach the meetings “in a constructive spirit” and urged other parties to “do the same.” She said the parties “must find solutions that are negotiable and command sufficient support” in parliament. May said she will return to the House on Monday to table an amendable motion and to make a statement about the way forward.

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A spokesperson for the Labour Party, however, said that May would have to take a no deal Brexit off the table before any cross-party talks could be meaningful.

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