Theresa May attacks Jeremy Corbyn at final Brexit debate — RT UK News

British Prime Minister Theresa May has unloaded on Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn, accusing her left-wing opponent of shirking his responsibility as opposition leader and flip-flopping on key issues.

Amid a contentious final debate on May’s Brexit deal, May turned on Corbyn, who she said has been “long on criticism and short on coherence” on Brexit.

“Everything he does is designed to avoid taking any difficult decisions,” she continued. “In the general election he said in his manifesto, ‘freedom of movement must end,’ on Sunday he said ‘I’m not against the free movement of people.’”

“He says he’s opposed to No Deal, but he says he’s opposed to the withdrawal agreement and the backstop, without which there is no deal. So the question is what is his position? Because he has failed in his responsibility to provide a credible alternative.”

Conservative MPs cheered along, before May accused Corbyn of stoking uncertainty to push for a general election.

“By pursuing from the start a cynical course designed to serve his own political interest…he has forfeited the right to demand loyalty from those of his MPs who take a more pragmatic view,” she said.

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