The World Beyond Capitalism

A New Idea Addresses Some Old Problems

The chron was conceptualized to solve the biggest problem in Capitalism: labor costs. Controlling labor costs to maximize profitability has unleashed the forces of Capital against the world’s population. Globalization is a direct result of capital institutions’ need to control costs and undermine the bargaining power of workers in developed regions by creating competition with workers from less developed regions. Implementation of the chron will eliminate labor costs for Capital because people will essentially pay themselves through their effort. It will also eradicate the exploitation of workers in developing regions. The chron will enable people from all regions to be paid to a common standard. It will immediately lift the standards of living for billions of people and facilitate the transformation of our world into one in which the benefits of modern civilization can be enjoyed by all.

Right about now, critics are probably foaming at the mouth or simply incredulous at the idea of paying people in their own time. “Sounds like another crazy socialist idea,” is probably the thought. “If we pay everyone with their own time, then everyone will essentially be paid the same amount relative to how much they work regardless of what job they perform, right?”

Yes… and no.

Not One Money, But Two

The issue of taxation always brings into question for whom and at what rates would it be most fair. Should the rich be taxed…

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