The Wide World of USB Charging

The wonderful world of USB charging has a lot to offer preppers.

While a lot of people just use USB for cell phones or a tablet, there are so many other devices that can provide everything from entertainment to helping fix things that break.

In this post, we are going to explore the world of USB chargeable devices and talk about how to set up easy to maintain and affordable USB charging stations that will work even if the grid is totally down.

Tablets and e-readers

A lot of people have tablets. The size of the tablet is related to how much power it burns. You can set the screen to dimmer to save power or turn off the WiFi. A 7-8 inch tablet will be easier on power than a 10 inch. E-readers that use e-ink technology burn very little power. Kindle claims that you get up to 8 weeks reading time on a single charge but that is ideal circumstances and considers a days reading to be a mere 30 minutes. That adds up to 30 hours of reading time. I am not sure I believe that is a realistic figure. My Kindle will last a very long time but I don’t think my battery would last for 30 hours of reading. If you mostly read books on your tablet, an e-reader may be a cheaper option that burns less power.

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Other useful USB Devices

Here is a brief list of the available USB rechargeable devices on Amazon. There are so many more that it would be a full-length book if I described them. The items below are just a handful compared to what is out there. Over time I expect there will be even more USB chargeable devices out there.


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