The United States Rejects Human Rights at the Southern Border and at the United Nations

Photo Source Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade | CC BY 2.0

Forever. The Trump Administration’s chaotic decisions regarding the United Nations as well as the United States draconian and anti-humanistic immigration policies seem like they will impact our world forever. But this dark time in American history, a time that not just impacts the United States but the world in which we all must live and share, will one day cease to be so foreboding. Indeed, a brighter and more just future will come.

This is the cycle of history. In our time, we are now faced with the savagery of living at the bottom of the Bell Curve. A place and a time where America is simply not acting as an agent for positive change, and nor is it acting as an agent for human rights and justice.

The U.S. southern border is a laboratory in how we humanistically and socially treat those who are most desperate to change their lives for the better. It is a test that under the current Administration and “Justice Department” we are failing with every sobbing child who is forcefully removed from their parents. To put it bluntly, one child taken away by ICE agents is a trauma to the social fabric of our human responsibility for one another.

The Trump Administration’s policies at home and abroad have essentially released the United States from its moral and ethical global responsibilities. In the past our nation has attempted to project itself as a safe harbor for the least well off and the persecuted….

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