The Revolution Devours Its Children

Like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children

–          Jacques Mallet du Pan

“Revolutions eat their children.” This observation, by a journalist during the French Revolution, was only partly true. In reality, revolutions eat their parents.

–          Peter St. Onge

Both are true.  We are seeing the parents devoured, we will soon see the children devoured.  I offered a few days ago that Trump’s reelection is certain, assuming he runs again.  The left will out-looney themselves on the debate stage, and any semi-normal democrats will run screaming – voting for either Trump, a third party, or not at all.

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A couple of days later, Tom Luongo offers: Democrats Begin Eating Themselves Prepping for 2020:

Ideological possession always ends in pogroms. When the leadership of the most powerful organization in the world is at stake nothing is off limits, especially for power-hungry Democrats.

This is why we’re now seeing a concerted effort to smear Bernie Sanders just after he announced his Presidential campaign for 2020. The Democrats blame him for splitting the party in 2016 which allowed Trump to win.

The response was predictable. The American left lost its collective mind in November 2016.

Your clue that things have reached that point is none other than everyone’s media darling, Marxist lunatic Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez.

Howard Schultz threatens that he will run for president in 2020; the thought is that he will run as an independent.  Democrats are worried that he will take votes from their candidate.  Trump plays this perfectly, challenging Schultz’ manhood via twitter:

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