The Orlando Response: Heartfelt or Unctuous, Mostly in Denial

The latest mass tragedy has seen the usual shock, sadness and fear expressed by ordinary people, and the usual professional grieving, intellectual hypocrisy and moral disability by most of what passes for American leadership. While various political, professional and identity group spokespeople claim the tragedy as suffered by all but especially their own communities and seek both real and imagined sources of the horror unleashed at Orlando, the so-called war on terror that has murdered millions elsewhere and has repeatedly come home to America in brutal fashion still seems useful only in mostly ignorant rhetoric.

While the new antichrist for liberals, Trump, is charged with bigotry in calling for a ban on immigration of Muslims, he and his even narrower minded nationals of what some Islamic fundamentalists call the “satanic” forces of the USA go on killing Muslims on their native soil before they can ever think about escaping. Expressing compassion for immigrants who would not have to seek refuge if we weren’t destroying their homelands is like an exceptionally violent rapist offering sympathetic counsel to the victim of his brutality. Yet this mental disorder that would shame the label of schizophrenia is honorably practiced by hate labelers who commit massive hate crimes across the globe while claiming civilized, democratic and humanitarian labels for themselves.

And attributing the Orlando murderer’s action to gay hatred, Latino hatred, woman hatred,…

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