The Greatest Discovery in the History of Medicine

In recent weeks readers of my online health reports have been alerted of an upcoming advancement in human health that can now be revealed — a compelling and unexpected development that is surely to alter the course of human civilization from this point forward, producing a lifespan and healthspan beyond anything ever imagined for those who opt to use it.

This is not some snake oil elixir being peddled to gullible consumers.  It originates from credible peer reviewed science published in distinguished scientific journals and has both animal and human data to substantiate it, more evidence than widely touted calorie restricted diets and their molecular mimics like resveratrol that are posed to double human healthspan and lifespan.

If fully implemented it would have economic and political ramifications that would reverberate around the globe, the discovery that humans are only living a lifespan that is one-third of what they were biologically designed to live.  This goal of living as long as the Biblical patriarchs can be achieved by the masses very economically.  It is not an expensive technology only within reach of the wealthy.

The greatest discovery

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Looking back, what would be the greatest discovery in the history of medicine to date?  Most certainly William Fleming’s penicillin discovery in 1928 that mold destroyed bacteria in a lab dish would rank high.  The countless lives that have been saved from premature death by antibiotics only serve to place this achievement at the top of the list.

Most certainly vaccines would be listed in the archives of medicine as another major discovery that is ongoing, sparing…

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