The Good Rat or the Mouse That Bored?

+ Jimmy Breslin’s book The Good Rat tells the sordid story of drug dealer Burton Kaplan, an underling in the Luchese crime syndicate, who to save his own ass dropped a dime on two NYPD detectives, Luis Eppolito and Stephen Carapacca, as hired killers for the mob. Eppolito and Carapacca murdered 8 people before they were arrested, several on the orders of Kaplan. Breslin, who knew more about the mob than most mobsters, deplored snitches. But he hated dirty cops more, hence the description of Kaplan as “the good rat.”

+ Michael Cohen presents himself as “a good rat.” But he came off more as the mouse that bored, as any client of Lanny Davis was likely to do. Cohen aped the bluster of a mob fixer, but he’s no Sammy “the Bull” Gravano. When Trump asked him to intimidate people, Cohen called them on the phone and spewed invective. He didn’t stuff the decapitated heads of thoroughbreds beneath silk sheets. Cohen didn’t scare many people and he probably doesn’t scare Trump. He told us things we already knew, denied episodes of RussiaGate (such as the secret trip to Prague) most of us suspected were false and couldn’t provide documentation for his most salacious allegations, including Roger Stone’s call to Trump about Julian Assange and Don Jr.’s whispered colloquy with Pops about the Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

+ It does sound like Lanny Davis wrote Cohen’s prepared testimony: 10 minutes of high-octane hyperbole….

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