The Foundation of Structural-Anarchism and Structural-Anarchism Economics

[This is a response to supporters of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, who have discussed my recent article in Dissident Voice titled: “A Structural-Anarchism Critique of Automation in relation to Artificially Fabricated Price, Value and Wage”.  These supporters discussed the article on the Socialist Party of Great Britain’s forum whereupon Structural-Anarchism Economics was more or less linked in a few specific instances to the currency crank economists, who believe that value can be manifested out of thin-air by the central banks, etc. Consequently, this is a rebuttal of this accusation in an effort to illustrate that structural-anarchism economics is founded on the same ground as Marxist economics, namely, upon the solid ground of labor-power, or more specifically and more broadly speaking, the solid ground of creative-power.]


Part I

First and foremost, for structural-anarchism, value is not created out of thin-air. It is created via a ruling ideational comprehensive framework, namely, when an idea and/or activity, emanating from conceptual-perception and/or physical exertion, is validated by the ruling ideational comprehensive framework of a socio-economic formation as having value, specifically, as having a specific number value, which is agreed upon by the governing representative-agents of the ruling ideational comprehensive framework, and later grudgingly accepted by the masses. In our current, capitalist socio-economic formation, it is…

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