The Flu Vaccine Is Causing

If there is any part of you that’s inquisitive you’ve likely wondered how on Earth this year’s flu could be so bad.  After all, we have vaccines and Western medicine’s advancements in technology to help people.  But the Health Ranger says that is the exact problem with the influenza outbreak.

As the reports continue to come in that this influenza outbreak is killing about 100 people a day, many begin to wonder what the purpose of getting a vaccine that’s only 10% effective could possibly be.  “What you’re never told, is that some of those deaths are because of the flu vaccine,” Mike Adams, the Health Ranger said.  And Adams theory is that the vaccine is not only responsible for the outbreak of the flu, but for some of the deaths associated with it.

*Before continuing, this is not to say you should get the vaccine or you should not get the vaccine.  You should, however, research the ingredients of the flu vaccine and possible side effects and come to the conclusion on your own whether or not this shot is right for you and your family.*

Adams wants people to know what they aren’t being told about this year’s flu by those who profit heavily by injecting people with the flu shot.

“It turns out that the flu shot, even when it works, which is rare because it’s usually the wrong strain but sometimes it works, but it creates vulnerability to influenza infections in subsequent years. In other words, there’s something about the flu shot (we can talk about what that is because we know) that weakens your immune system.”

Adams has researched vaccines and the vaccine industry in depth. “People would be better off and we’d have fewer deaths from influenza if no one got the flu shot. And instead, people…

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