The FISA Memo, Obama, and the Election

“Round up the usual suspects,” will be as far as the Democrats will be willing to go in the wake of the FISA memo’s release. There is nothing in that memo that anyone following the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation doesn’t already know.

All the memo does is corroborate the bread crumbs left behind by a drip feed of leaks, counter-leaks and good ol’ fashioned investigative journalism.  Since the memo is based on actual evidence that the FBI admits is real but will not allow us to see, the memo itself can be taken as fact.

The FBI has the evidence.  They’ve showed it to the House Intelligence Committee.  Both agree on the facts.  So, by extension, the memo is all the evidence we need.

Put that in your DNC-scripted talking point pipe and blow it out your ass.

Conclusions Matter

Now that the timeline and paper trail have been determined the real implications of the memo and its facts can be discussed.  I’m no longer interested in the game of cut and thrust to stop the truth from coming out.

I’m only interested now in the conclusions we can draw from the memo itself.

And those conclusions are chilling.

The out-going Obama administration, at the highest levels in coordination with the media, conspired to create news stories that supported a FISA warrant based on politically-motivated opposition research to undermine the newly-elected President of the United States.

Moreover, it knowingly omitted material facts to the court not once, but four times, to keep that surveillance warrant open in service of this operation.  A warrant the FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, testified under oath to Congress that was key to its issuance.

They knew the dossier on Trump, compiled by Michael Steele, was unverifiable. They…

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