The Economy: What Now?

We must now examine how a new Presidency looks at averting a long overdue economic collapse.  GW Bush knew what he faced going in and obviously influenced the Federal Reserve to drop interest rates, create a real estate boom, distract Americans as they were counting their money flipping houses and launch another phony war which temporarily increases production of war goods and distracts from the realities of the economy.   Obama entered office with another more self-indulgent agenda, social aims plus more intense crony capitalism that morphed into fascism (examples: forced to buy health insurance, forced vaccination).  Fake economic numbers (inflation was 6-9% not the target 2.2% claimed by the Fed; unemployment was ~20%, not the 5-6% claimed by the Dept. of Labor—see were never challenged by the bought-off news media and Obama looked good on paper.  Long-standing bubbles and propped markets will predictably fail now as entrenched forces aim at trump and shoot themselves.  [Casey Research]

Trump will struggle to look good.  But he will reign over the collapse of his avowed enemies.  His base is the little people, the disillusioned, the under and unemployed, the working class (not necessarily the welfare class).  

He has to act like a toreador and become a target and let the entrenched forces do themselves in.  The elites and the financial classes created this false economy, now they get to stew in it.  The financial classes own most of the wealth now and they will be the ones to take the fall.  

Read Gary North where he says the next generation isn’t going to be burdened with the overwhelming National Debt ($18 trillion and counting).  Those debts will simply be repudiated (mortgages simply went unpaid; student debt unpaid). …

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