The Dismal Dems in Stormy Times

Photo by Jamelle Bouie | CC BY 2.0

Beneath the endless madness of the Today in Tangerine Satan (TITS) show, aided and abetted by the Radically Regressive and Reactionary Republicans (the R4 Party), it’s easy to forget that the Inauthentic Opposition Party (IOP, also known as the Democratic Party) installed the malignant presidential apprentice in the White House in the first place. The deplorable, dollar-drenched Democrats (the 4D party) seated moronic mogul Donald Trump in the Oval Office in at least ten key ways:

1. By governing in accord with the wishes of the wealthy Few under the neoliberal, fake-progressive Goldman Sachs-and Citibank-captive Barack Obama. The demoralized and demobilized the majority-progressive working-class base on which the Democrats depended to win the 2016 election.

2. By neglecting their party’s financial and organizational needs beyond holding the presidency. This helped the Republicans wield unchecked power in the states, where critical electoral procedures and practices are set. The related bankrupting of the Democratic Party under Obama is part of why the Democratic National Committee was essentially owned by the noxious neoliberal Hillary Clinton campaign before the first presidential caucus and primary in Iowa and New Hampshire.

3. By continuing the disastrous U.S.-led “Global War on [of] Terror” (replete with disastrous regime change in Libya) across the Middle East and North Africa. This fueled Islamist jihadism and a refugee…

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