The Civil War Is at Hand

Even though Fox News gave him the boot, George Will’s signature trait — pretentiousness — is alive and well.  In a recent column in the Washington Post titled “Vote against the GOP this November,” Will outdid himself with a whole new level of pretentiousness.  One gets the distinct impression that his greatest thrill in life is coming up with words that most people have never heard of.

True, his pretentiousness is phony and obnoxious.  True, he has become a caricature of the infantile whiners who failed to get their way in the last election.  True, his irrelevance has reduced him to a pathetic figure.  But before dismissing Will’s childish behavior out of hand, I think it’s worth examining what his downfall and subsequent bitterness means in the grand scheme of things.

Will is an icon of the establishment that ruled Washington for decades, prior to the Trump Revolution — perhaps, one might argue, since the very inception of the nation.  Those in the establishment have had their way for so long they cannot bring themselves to believe they are no longer in control of things.

To them, the Trump-inspired political earthquake is nothing more than a sociological hiccup — an accident of history that occurs every 50 years or so.  Just bide one’s time, keep calm, hold the fort, and it will all melt away when people finally come to their senses.

The late, great Charles Krauthammer, one of George Will’s closest friends, was somewhat caught up in the same normalcy-bias trap, though he had a much better grasp of reality than Will.  When I interviewed Krauthammer back in 2009, I found him to be reasonable and thoughtful with his words, and, in an uneffusive and odd sort of way, rather pleasant.

The Politically Incorr…

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