The Best Hand-Crank Flashlights for Safety and Security

Hand-cranked flashlights offer light and other functions when out on the trail or during a survival situation.  This type of lighting has come a long way over the past few years and the price point is great.

You need to look at different lights to discover their total functionality. If you are just looking for a hand-cranked light that might actually limit you a bit.

A lot of the hand-cranked flashlights on this list have one or more of the following extra features.


An FM/AM radio and small speaker are built into even some tiny flashlights is common. Sometimes there is a weather radio option that is often more useful than the regular radio. Kids sometimes like the handcrank lights with a radio because they can take them a lot of places and they are inexpensive so parents don’t have to be so concerned.

Battery Bank

Being able to keep small devices like a cell phone or tablet charged during and emergency is a great thing. While these are not the most powerful chargers, they are enough to keep your phone going, an e-reader topped off, or run a small tablet a little longer. The key is to remember to start charging before your batteries get lower than 25%. Some small chargers have a hard time charging if batteries are totally depleted.

Like any device, the more you add to it the more it is going to weigh, and there is the increased bulk. Sometimes the weight is not as much of a factor as how large the device is overall.

Hand Cranked Flashlights Are Work

Consider that you are probably going to have to crank your flashlight a full minute to get 10 minutes of light. These are not lights you want to rely in for continuous use. At the same time if you are setting around the campfire and want to listen to the radio it might not seem like…

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