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Many would put her age-defying agility and enviable figure down to her professional ballet training and regular Pilates.

But Debbie McGee, one of the favourites for the Strictly Come Dancing crown this year – making her possibly the oldest winner in the show’s history – has credited something much more bizarre.

The 59-year-old widow of magician Paul Daniels starts each day with a spoonful of finely ground silver particles.

The supplement she swears by is called Active Silver and contains what’s known as ‘colloidal’ silver — microscopic particles suspended in water, which many believe helps ward off infection, boosts the immune system and can be used to treat everything from acne to eye infections.

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow is also a fan and uses hers as a spray when she goes on flights to ward off germs, she revealed on her lifestyle website, Goop recently.

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Microscopic silver particles are produced from silver bars in a process known as electrolysis and then suspended in ultra-pure or distilled water.

It’s marketed as a mineral supplement to support the body’s natural immune system as an effective antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and skin-healing solution.

Debbie McGee buys hers for £15 a bottle from Active Silver, which was launched two years ago by former communications worker Lucy Roberts and her father Dick Goodall. He has been involved in the water treatment industry for 40 years and has been making colloidal silver for over 20 years, including installing water purification systems into hospitals and airports using silver electrolysis technology.

‘We manufacture Active Silver under…

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