That’s the Problem: Nothing Proves Anything

Still from “Anon.” (Netflix)

We are out of the Iran nuclear deal because nothing anyone said to President Trump proved anything to him.

We saw this on day one when no amount of visual and statistical proof could convince him that he did not have the largest crowd in inauguration history but about one third of what he claimed.

External verification or proof is only needed for those who question their own opines, gut reactions, and knowledge base, their own wisdom and erudition. Of course, the presence of the latter two would incite a questioning skepticism on all occasions. Based on what the president presented as reasons for reneging on the Iran deal, it’s clear he would not, if given, passed an examination of what that agreement entailed, what problems it faced and resolved, and what its absence might lead to.

But I doubt if his rash action here, with consequences the informed see but the president does not, will rouse any fury and furor not soon erased, perhaps by a new and startling #MeToo revelation and certainly by the upcoming North Korea meet between Kim Jong-un and President Trump. Another Robert Mueller action may also grab the headlines. Giuliani is set to detour attention to the next confusing idiocy, strategically wiser than allowing public attention to linger too long on the transparency of the President’s own idiotic tweets.

Nothing will come of anything now because nothing proves anything.

I call this a new paradigm, perhaps modeled on an erroneous…

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