Tax the rich, give to the poor: LA County seeks to use millionaires’ money to assist homeless


Los Angeles County has one of the highest homeless populations, but the County Board of Supervisors has a bold plan to fight it: an income tax of half of a percent on personal incomes exceeding $1 million, which would generate an estimated $243 million.

In an effort to address the growing homeless problem plaguing Los Angeles County, the county government is seeking approval from both Governor Jerry Brown and the state legislature to levy a tax on its millionaires. Seventy-six percent of LA County residents are in favor of the tax, according to a Los Angeles County Homelessness Survey.

Despite its high approval ratings, making the tax a reality will be an uphill battle. County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas spent last week trying to gain support for the measure and, on Wednesday, 29 state legislators formed a coalition to encourage Governor Brown and other state legislators to approve the bill.

With one of the highest homeless populations in the US, Los Angeles County promised to devote $100 million towards housing and services for the homeless during a September press conference. However, the question of where that money would come from has lingered, along with the nebulous issue of the sustainability of the funding.

A press release from the county’s Chief Executive Office stated that various labor unions have voiced their support for the bill. Supervisor Sheila Kuehl called the bill “an unprecedented opportunity to create a sustainable and substantial revenue source to fund our efforts to end homelessness.”

In 2012, the Guardian reported that the city of Los Angeles was home to 126,000 millionaires and, today, Los Angeles County is home to an estimated 46,874 homeless people, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

Republican Supervisor Don Knabe is not in support of the bill, however, because he is concerned about the repercussions of giving the county authority to impose an income tax. His assistant press deputy told LAist “The unprecedented ask of the State Legislature to give the County the authority to impose an income tax will open the door to serious unintended consequences in the future. If this proposed measure is approved, the next time the County goes to the State seeking funding for infrastructure or jails, we could be turned away and told to seek the means directly from our residents.”

The county does have a plan B in case they don’t receive the authority to impose the tax. Raising sales taxes by half a penny has a 68 percent favorable view, according to a LA County homeless survey conducted between March 29 and April 7 among 1,400 people.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.

  • yep

    go after hollywood, now thats where the money is, and get those who support violence agnaist children in israel, you will find a lot of these creeps stars there

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    open the borders
    raise more taxes
    saying it will be used for the homeless problem.
    but the money will be used to fund CALPERS unfunded liability.

    veterans will remain homeless and starving on the streets eating out of trashcans
    while tax payers in America are still forced to send billions & billions to Israel every year

  • PanamaRod

    The compassionate knights in Sherwood Green are at it again. Rob the rich to take care of the poor. An age old tactic by corrupt politicians to take the taxpayer money. Since there are more and more corrupt politicians now-a-days there is little chance the poor will benefit. It’s a good idea, taxing the Hollywood braggarts who claim compassion for the poor but it ends there – only problem this use of the “poor” to garner new taxes has been going on since FDR & LBJ (counted in the hundreds of trillions of dollars) and the poor are worse off now than they have ever been. So, where does the money go? naturally, to gather voters.
    It’s all a myth just like the fictional Robin Hood ‘taking from the rich to give to the poor’ –

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    The Pentagon budget is around $700 billion.
    The Pentagon’s own auditors
    found they cannot account for 25 percent of their daily expenditures.
    That means Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
    the Pentagon loses around $86 million tax dollars an hour.
    The Pentagon loses more of your tax dollar money before lunch each day
    than Americans will see in their entire life times

    That means the Pentagon loses enough of your tax dollars every day
    to deliver every American free health care..

    • Jerrey

      If we gave them $80 million and spent $5 million on the poor do you think they would notice? I like the idea:)

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    higher taxes = more Poverty

    http://republicbroadcasting . org/shoutcast/shoutcast . html

  • Tsh M E Aigo

    Perhaps it is well past time to consider a different system of economics. Market driven economies are decimating the environment straining the natural resources supplies to the limits. Yet few consider that its actually Consumerism that is to blame and fewer yet seem to know that Consumerism is already in its death throes. So then if true what to do about the consumer.
    Billionaire and Millionaires seem to be the handiest scapegoats available but they do have acess to a very important commodity and that is a different level off information. Different in that many are convinced that they need to be hoarding items other than cash and valuables. While many of a different working caste are convinced that the value of paper notes are real and they appear to be, they are but debts on paper. If one wishes to be rich one must control the debts of others.If one suceeds in doing so than there will certainly come that time when the services of others to pay for the debts of paper becomes a moot point.There comes a time that nothing is of real value except that of one’s desire to go on living.
    In the next decade we shall certainly see that first hand.

  • Mike Reaves

    Make that asshole George Soros pay for the homeless

  • James Woroble Jr

    Government taxation for the ‘poor’ and ‘the children’, etc. is a marketing con. Where do you think the Clinton Foundation derived its scam model from? These proceeds consistently go into a general fund and are distributed for the politicians other purposes (salary increases for themselves and their cronies, elitist pet projects like bike paths and dog exercise parks) with only a minuscule token amount directed toward its stated purpose to cover their lying ass. If you think for a moment that the projected $250 million will go solely to the benefit of the homeless you’re naive.

    A ‘liberal’ was originally defined as an individual who was liberal with their money for social causes. It has monstrously morphed to the present to define those who are liberal WITH YOUR MONEY!

    Before we embark on a 1/4 billion dollar tax scheme upon the public, let’s see how altruistic these assholes really are by starting small and having them lead by example. Institute a 5% tax on all salaries of elected officials and government employees – THEIR MONEY, for the homeless and then see how the agenda moves forward into becoming law. Furthermore, have it stipulated in the new tax law that this money will be placed exclusively in a segregated account for the purpose stated and for no other, subject to penalties of fines and imprisonment for fraud.

  • billed

    This at 1 Time was widely reported by John Carpenters ‘They Live’ a report of what it means to be Homeless in HellyWood with antics of consuming bubblegum.