Swedish Populists Slam Liberals and Social Democrats, Tell Migration Agency to Focus on Deportations

November 28, 2017

The leader of the populist Sweden Democrats accused the Swedish Migration Board of “activism” and said the agency should refocus on deporting illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers.

“It is perhaps the most important integration policy measure at the moment, that anyone who doesn’t need protection, who should not be here, will be returned as soon as possible,” Jimmie Åkesson said on the television programme Agenda. 

Åkesson accused the Migration Board of  “activism” and said it makes “very generous assessments” on whether or not a migrant should be entitled to asylum protection, not long after releasing a powerful video slamming liberal and social democrat politicians for their handling of the migrant crisis.

“I said in my speech yesterday that we do not need more asylum immigration, we need rather a net return. That is, many of those who have come here and do not need protection, who have no obvious reason to stay here and live on Swedish taxes, they will return to the country they came from,” he said.

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This article was posted: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 7:08 am

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