Swedes Microchip Themselves, Become Guinea Pigs in Digital Dystopia

April 19, 2017

The present is becoming increasingly futuristic. Over a thousand of Swedes have chosen to voluntary implant a microchip under their skin to keep track of personal health data and avoid the necessity of having to remember a password. The technology used to chip people is roughly the same being used on dogs and cats.

Using today’s cutting-edge technology, a microchip, which takes half a second to install, can be read from several decimeters’ distance, and its contents can be altered using a mobile phone. From that moment onwards, the digital microchip may be used for many features commonly performed in Scandinavia using mobile phones, such as opening and unlocking doors, paying for goods and services, and storing data.Jowan Österlund went on from running a piercing salon in Linköping to becoming the world’s largest “biohacker,” converting ordinary people into “superhumans” using digital implants. His company Biohax gained prominence through acquiring influential clients.

“Getting into the high-end clients, CEOs and CTOs was essential to bring about a quick change in a difficult-to-maneuver bureaucracy. If you can get them on the hook, you get a completely different impact,” Jowan Österlund told the Swedish economic magazine Veckans Affärer.

Magnus Glantz, a software developer at Red Hat, became the first Swede to have a microchip implanted, only to be followed by Fredrik Östbye, a business development manager at Telenor Connexion. According to Jowan Österlund, who has installed over 1,500 microchips, digitalization saves a huge amount of time and leads to more efficient logistics. This new wave is gradually rising in popularity, although it still raises eyebrows.

​”The most common response I…

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