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When you’re out in the wild, there’s always the risk of encountering dangerous animals. Whether it’s a omnivore like a bear, a carnivore like a wolf, or even an herbivore like a moose, wild animal encounters are always a potential threat on the homestead, wilderness bug-out, or even just a run of the mill hike or camping trip.

Thankfully, even predators generally want nothing to do with humans and would much rather avoid us altogether. However, if they are especially hungry, agitated, diseased, or have learned to associate humans with food, they are more likely to engage you. Sometimes, of course, we don’t know exactly why an animal became aggressive in any given case, so it’s important to learn the basics.

Even if you only take a single camping trip, you’ll want to keep at least a few basic items on hand in case of an encounter with an aggressive animal. We’ll outline these first:

Bear Spray

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Bear spray is basically a highly concentrated, high-velocity form of pepper spray that can be fired further than pepper spray meant for humans. When a bear charges you, it may be the last thing keeping you from being tackled—or worse. It’s affordable and easy to clip onto your gear.

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This stuff is a potential life-saver, but is powerful and has definite drawbacks, making it not ideal for every situation. For example, it may backfire if you’re dealing with strong winds, there are trees for the spray to ricochet off of, or if you’re in close quarters like a tent.


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