Sunni Fighters Killed in Airstrike; 39 Killed Across Iraq

Sunni Fighters Killed in Airstrike; 39 Killed Across Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider
Turkey that it is risking a regional war by maintaining uninvited troops
within Iraqi territory. Ankara countered by claiming it was invited by Kurdish
Masoud Barzani and that Baghdad had previously
supported the Turkish base at Bashiqa. Both countries summoned
each other’s ambassadors to lodge complaints. Separately, a Shi’ite militia
leader said they
would fight the Turkish troops.

Canadian Brigadier General D.J. Anderson warned
that once the Islamic State militants are defeated, they may fold into the
civilian population and resume their insurgency from that position.

At least 39 were killed and 13 were wounded:

Officials say that about 21
Sunni tribal fighters were killed and five were wounded
in a Coalition
airstrike south of Mosul, near Kharaib Jabr. It is unclear which
Coalition members were involved. Canadian Brigadier General D.J. Anderson
that the Coalition was investigating the report and explained that strikes in
the area were targeting militants who were firing on Iraqi security forces. Eight
militants were reported killed
. The strike, which occurred around 2:00
a.m., followed several hours of clashes, in which at least two
fighters were killed
. The tribal fighters may have ignored warnings.

In Tikrit, an explosives
expert was killed and another was wounded
when the bomb they were
attempting to defuse exploded instead.

A bomb in Abu Ghraib killed
one militiaman and wounded four more

security members were wounded and four militants were killed
in a clash in Hayy

Security forces killed two militants in

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