Suicide Blast at Abu Ghraib Mosque; 166 Killed in Iraq


Suicide Blast at Abu Ghraib Mosque; 166 Killed in Iraq

Although Fallujah is now liberated, it may be weeks
or months before civilians are allowed
to return home. However, their situation at the refugee camps has not improved.
As well as there being little food or water, the displaced are crammed together
in tents that were not meant to hold so many.

Shi’ite militiamen are now openly admitting
to participating in operations inside the city of Fallujah even though they
promised to stay away. So far, they have escaped any war crimes accusations
that have plagued them in other Sunni cities.

Security forces have chased
further west along the Euphrates River.

At least 166 were killed and 57 more were wounded:

A suicide
attacked a mosque in Abu Ghraib, where he killed
14 worshippers and wounded 32 more
after evening prayers.

In Fallujah, the bodies
of seven detainees
were found at a makeshift prison.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
two people and wounded five more
in Seha. A bomb in Talibiya killed
one person and wounded eight more

farmers were shot dead
in Hussein al-Hammadi.

Security forces killed
about 100 militants
near Sharqat.

Strikes on Badush left 28
militants dead and 12 wounded

Ten militants were
in strikes on Haj.

In Rutba, a suicide
bomber was killed

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