Stop the raids on immigrants! For a socialist policy of open borders!


Stop the raids on immigrants! For a socialist policy of open borders!

Kevin Mitchell—SEP candidate for House of Representatives (51st District and California)

15 May 2018

This statement was released by Kevin Mitchell, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for the 51st District of California in the June 5 primary elections. For more information, click here.

As the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US House of Representatives 51st District in California, I unequivocally condemn the May 8th Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid on the home of Alberto Alonzo Hernandez and his family in National City, California and demand his immediate release.

Mr. Hernandez’s arrest was recorded on video and distributed online where it has been viewed over 11,000 times. In the video, ICE agents can be seen breaking down the door like modern-day Gestapo agents. When family members ask for a warrant they cynically replied, “You’re watching too many movies. We’ll show you the warrant when we are done.”

ICE agents then storm into the house, pointing their guns at children and an elderly, disabled grandmother. Mr. Hernandez was taken away in an unmarked car to an immigration detention camp.

What happened on May 8th is just one of countless raids carried out by the Trump administration against immigrant communities across the United States. Were it not for the courageous actions of the Hernandez family in filming the ICE agents it is doubtful the incident would have become news.

In speaking with the Hernandez family, they told me how undocumented immigrants in their neighborhoods were now afraid to leave their houses and go to work. President Trump has unleashed a reign of terror against immigrants, with scores being arrested at hospitals, churches, or when…

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