Special Forces Penetrate Fallujah; 71 Killed in Iraq

Special Forces Penetrate Fallujah; 71 Killed in Iraq

Government troops entered
southern Fallujah on Wednesday, for the first time since 2014. Only
special forces troops participated in the fighting, but they were supported by
Coalition airpower.

Residents of Bashir say they will not be
able to go home for some time. At least 85 percent of the city’s residential
structures are in ruins. Shi’ite militiamen and Kurdish Peshmerga liberated the
town last month.

The General Director of the Peshmerga Ministry Jabar
has admitted
that the Peshmerga forces are not ready to take on fighting in Mosul. Although
the plan is to use these troops only as support, the news comes on the heels of
that Iraqi troops are not ready either.

An oil pipeline at the Havana oilfield near Kirkuk
was blown

At least 71 were killed or found dead, and four more were

Shi’ite militiamen were killed and three were wounded
when a roadside bomb
exploded near them in Hanbas.

Gunmen killed
four policemen
, including a regiment commander, in Tikrit.

In Bashir, a militiaman
was killed
while trying to dismantle a bomb.

Security forces killed
41 militants
in Ramadi on Sunday.

Airstrikes on Mosul left 20
militants dead

In Shuhada, an airstrike killed two militants
and wounded another
. Iraq forces took
of the neighborhood.

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