Somali 'war criminal' works as US airport security

A man, who is accused of committing war crimes in Somalia, is working as a security guard at an international airport near Washington, DC.

Yusuf Abdi Ali is living a normal life with his Somali wife near Washington and has been working at Dulles International Airport over the past six years, CNN reported.

He was a military commander during Somalia’s deadly civil war in the 1980s, where he allegedly committed atrocities against the Isaaq community in the African country’s northern region.

The Isaaq clan was heavily repressed and brutalized by government troops during the war. Many of them were killed and buried in mass graves.

Ali moved to Canada after Somalia’s military regime led by Mohamed Siad Barre collapsed in 1991. He was deported several years later after the CBC network aired a documentary about his war crimes in Somalia.

He then entered the US under a visa through his wife, Intisar Farah, who got a US citizenship after claiming she is…

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